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I am a 31 year old woman with three decades worth of experiences that are part of the foundation of my brand. From surviving childhood abuse, becoming emancipated and a mom at 16, being the family scapegoat, and putting myself through college as a single mom — to braving the wilderness of neurotypical business standards for the last six years. How could my story not be the foundation of who I am as a business owner and leader?

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I speak from experience and lead through my own authentic self expression. But it has taken years of self development, acknowledging and healing traumas, and being very outspoken against the status quo when it comes to sharing my mental health as a professional.

Before I had the labels and definitions to truly understand myself, I felt like a misfit and like the world was stacking up against me. I did not know my diagnosis of CPTSD, anxiety and ADHD but I did know it felt like I worked twice as hard just to be one step behind everyone else (perceivably).

Learning about my identity, mental health, and what matters most to me came through studying different ideologies, systems, and programs. There is so much stigma around being neurodivergent, having depression as an entrepreneur, and being a leader who is transparent about their struggles. I choose to speak out about my past trauma, the mistakes and mishaps I have been through, and how I have survived by pushing forward with my creative goals even when it was at the expense of public ridicule or diminished relationships.

“Sometimes even following prominent coaches and leaders in the self development and spiritual communities who labeled people that talked about their trauma or struggles as having victimhood mentality, being negative by sharing, or not painting a picture of success to mask their true struggles.”

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In my seventh year as an entrepreneur online, I am using my platforms to show a new business model. There is no niche, no box, and no formula for cookie cutter success in my neck of the woods. I have been a graphic designer, social media marketer, website designer & SEO/analytics specialist, apparel printer, business consultant, human design reader, creative director of brands, and copywriter for hundreds of small businesses (local and online) since 2015. But what I really am, do and believe in stems from who I am as a person, what my principals are, and how I can best serve my community.

I best serve my community and honor myself authentically when I share every piece of the pie of who I am. I write about mental health and trauma to advocate for survivors as well as creatively express myself. I consult and guide clients privately to help them understand their authenticity, boundaries, emotions, and creative business model. I create digital products, courses, and worksheets/workbooks that help teach through visuals and expel deep revelations from entrepreneurs. I also love designing apparel, accessories, and posters/printouts that celebrate individuality, self expression, and unique career types.

I have chosen to work with and lead individuals who can relate to my journey of being a neurodivergent creative entrepreneur. I have also chosen to focus 80% on creating digital content in 2022, while privately 1:1 helping clients 20% because I want to have a bigger impact in the world while getting more potent with my private client work.

I have been a service provider, director, assistant, and employee in the past which led to struggling financially, emotionally, and energetically. It was not due to what some past coaches and harmful marketing tactics claimed as “not pricing my worth”. It was so much more complex for me. I struggled because of anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, being lowballed and financially abused by people. I struggled because I did not know how to be radically honest with myself about my own time and abilities. It was not because I was not capable, more that I was not managing my time or prioritizing my self care. My identity and responsibilities made me feel like I was living on a hamster wheel that I just could not get off of.

Now I finally understand what I need in order to break free of the ridicule, stigmas, and self imposed rules. I have to embrace who I fully am, on and off screen. So my business is built on all the important pieces of my identity and life experiences that create my authentic foundation. I get to help others do the same, whether it is through private consulting or the tools I create for others to do the same work but at their own pace.

I want creative entrepreneurs to be comfortable with how they think, see the world, feel, and how they process their own brand story. My kind of coach/consulting service is one that embraces the individual and what unique gifts they have. Not teaching or guiding with standard fit rules, titles or codes for success.

I use Human Design, Astrology, Personality assessments and archetypes, trauma books, journaling guides, and other useful tools to help guide people just like I used them for myself. Because all the knowledge of these things will help unlock your authenticity through what YOU realize from them.

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​I encourage my clients and readers of my work to have a very open and flexible mind, to begin deeply processing what they learn as well as what they observe around them. I want to encourage individualism and advocacy, so I heavily talk about journey stories just as much as I talk about spirituality and ideologies.

You get to be who you are as an entrepreneur and not hide pieces of yourself in order to fit anyone else’s mold.

“From the moment I fell down that rabbit hole I’ve been told where I must go and who I must be. I’ve been shrunk, stretched, scratched, and stuffed into a teapot. I’ve been accused of being Alice and of not being Alice but this is my dream. I’ll decide where it goes from here.” — Alice Kingsley, Alice in Wonderland

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ADHD Autistic Content Creator sharing relatable AF realizations | Neurodivergence | Trauma Healing | Mental Health

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ADHD Autistic Content Creator sharing relatable AF realizations | Neurodivergence | Trauma Healing | Mental Health

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