Identity work is vital for the new “business” structure of tomorrow.

If you have been tuning into the big shifts happening in the online entrepreneurial space, as I talked about in my last piece, then you have realized that business owners are starting to share more authentic content about who they are behind their brand. A rise in authentic leadership and ethical business marketing tactics are changing what we have all been taught previously about making money as an entrepreneur.

It is vital to know who you are, what you stand for, and how you can most authentically showcase your identity to your audience. The outcome of vulnerability and authentic marketing? Finding customers who align with and support YOU as a business owner. We have entered the ERA of big “WHY” brands thriving with their original and unique stories. So what is your story? Who are you behind your brand?

To understand your own brand story, you need to dive deeper into your identity and what makes you unique. If you think you already know yourself, you might be surprised at how much you can uncover from taking personality assessments and exploring your own astrological blueprint. Yes, I am so very serious.

A lot of what you think you know about yourself has been built upon who your parents, families, teachers, and other outside influences in your life have influenced you to be. You are also constantly growing, changing, and developing NEW aspects of your identity.

When I first dove into my Human Design and Astrology blueprints in Fall of 2019, I was excited by the novel idea of seeing horoscope-like quotations and cutesy memes about my birth month. What I fell head first into instead was a two year and counting journey through undoing who I ever thought I was in order to peel back the layers of trauma, conditioning, cookie cutter perceptions, and ingrained rules imbedded into my mind. I continue to learn about who I am through these different tools. As a result, I step out more authentically into the online entrepreneurial space with my own unique direction for success. In other words, more revelations — more success.

Not just financial success and freedom of time, two themes we have been made to focus on when developing a business structure and sales strategy for our businesses. I have developed intellectual and emotional intelligence, supreme confidence in my decision making, and creative angles to how I structure the tiers of my sales. I have become more dynamic, skilled, innovative, and happy thanks to what I discovered with Identity work.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

In all honesty, my work is not a 9 to 5 job that I just clock out of each day. Identity work led to a soul aligned business, which then led to a soul aligned lifestyle. I have also been able to build a brand story around who I am instead of masking my identity and quirks in order to build a popular brand.

Building an Authentic Brand is the beautiful result of discovering my own authentic flare. I share about who I am because of my journey through trauma, hardships, estrangement from my family, growing up in poverty, and the challenges I have faced as a neurodivergent creative entrepreneur. I have structured the framework of my business around empowered action to guide, inspire, and direct others towards authenticity and vulnerability.

I am so excited and full of life with this career I am building, as well as being able to encourage others to build their own authentic brand and lifestyle. I feel so strongly about encouraging authentic leadership that I have begun to spend the majority of my time creating content all about identity work, self discovery, and authentic brand strategizing. I am leveraging my knowledge, skills, and personal experiences through creating video and blog content. It is allowing me to make an even bigger impact, reach more people who need to hear my message, and will bring in more income so I can support my lifestyle with a sustainable income from home.

I encourage my readers, clients, and supporters to dive into personality assessments and tools so they can build an authentic business model as well. Being a leader, teacher, provider, and/or creator with a powerful brand message will bring individuals all of the success they have been wanting, but it will also help the entire world shift into this new ERA. I truly believe and see evidence of Identity work being part of the new paradigm framework that gives future entrepreneurs the ability to heal and thrive like never before.

If you feel so inspired by this article and want to know your own Identity much more clearly, here are some ways you can start:

  1. Take the 16personalities quiz. I highly suggest you TAB and save the site to your desktop shortcuts because you will want to take the quiz multiple times over a long span of time. My identity has shifted and therefor so have my results as I have come more into my own.
  2. Book a Human Design session with me to dive into your birth chart and understand it better according to your life experiences. I offer identity support and consulting to help my clients privately unravel who they think they are and decondition from their past. We work through their chart with down-to-earth, vulnerable conversations around how the information I am teaching shows up in their work, relationships, and emotional responses to life. I also offer a done-for-you report for clients wanting to review the information on their own and use it for business + lifestyle planning.
  3. Grab a journal and label it “Identity Journey”. Start writing freely about different aspects of who you are, where you come from, an what you currently know to be true. If you have been journaling for years already and love it, I encourage you to start using writing prompts to answer specific questions about what you love, desire, and envision for your future. If you LOVE journaling and templates, go check out what I offer in my digital shop for self development & business planning.




ADHD Autistic Content Creator sharing relatable AF realizations | Neurodivergence | Trauma Healing | Mental Health

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ADHD Autistic Content Creator sharing relatable AF realizations | Neurodivergence | Trauma Healing | Mental Health

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