Are personality tests worth your time as an online Entrepreneur?

Maybe you feel like personality assessments are intriguing or you might feel like it is a big ole waste of time. After all, the goal with learning something new [about yourself] is to apply that knowledge into usable strategy for tangible results. So what could learning about your own business archetype do to create results in your business? I’m going to break down useful ways to make use of personality assessments in order to create impact in your brand and clarity around your purpose as an entrepreneur.

BONUS at the bottom of this article: Four tips for utilizing personality assessments to make it worth your time.

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As an online creator, consultant, or coach, there are a few key components of having an impactful and profitable business. You need to: Stand out with an authentic brand story that is memorable; Create a clear framework that addresses the small details and bigger picture of what you offer and how; Build a community of adoring fans and appreciative clientele; Host on the appropriate platforms an sites to showcase what you do and easily provide those services to those people.

The number one aspect of creating an authentic brand that entrepreneurs should be working on in 2022: truly knowing who they are, what they are best at, and how it can set them up as individuals in the industry — not copy cats of what is already out there.

So how can you accomplish creating an authentic framework for your brand story, services, marketing plan, and strategic sales? Say it with me: “Personality assessments”.

I say this as a seasoned entrepreneur who has worked in the online entrepreneurial space for almost seven years, but has been focused on personality and individuality for over close to fifteen years. I focus on identity, transformation, and embodiment of authenticity with my clients. I have done this by working with clients’ branding, marketing, messaging, strategies for social media, and most recently their identity as an individual. I have come full circle to realize as a creator/consultant that I am most driven to help individuals get super clear on who they are.

Often this work we do together requires us to spend sessions deconditioning them from what they thought they had to be or copied from someone else just hoping it would yield the same financial + emotional results. It did not. Because if the answer was copying someone elses’ strategies for success, we would all be swimming in cash.

“The truth is that when you copy someone else, your business model is not at all sustainable and one of the legs you built your business on is likely to break. We are not all made the same and we cannot all carry the same responsibilities and energetic commitments out in the same way.” — Jean Grey Consulting

What entrepreneurs in the online space need most is to declare their unique skills, how they see the world, and how common problems can be resolved in an innovative way. So you need to know what you are best at and how YOU form solutions or teach information. As cliché as it might sound, there really is only one YOU and you want your clients to know who you are so they can build trust with you in relation to what you can do for their business or lifestyle.

For those of you who have already taken a personality assessment, I urge you to make time and take some AGAIN. For instance, I have used 16Personalities [Myers Briggs Test] for over a decade to better understand myself while in College, and then with each business I worked for or built myself. With fresh eyes I was able to apply the same results to different projects I was working on, helping me to create a unique plan each time. And then there were the two times in these last few years that I got BRAND NEW results, because I had grown and changed as a person from my experiences.

Just this past winter 2021, my results on 16Personalities changed and it helped me redirect the how I serve, as well as how I should spend my energy within my business framework.

A great place to start is by heading over to 16Personalities website to take the quiz (linked at the end of this article). When you get your free report, read through it and record key aspects of your personality based on the results. You can do this in a notebook or via a digital tool like TRELLO to record your results. You do not have to write paragraphs out, just bullet points that touch on what it says about your archetype within each area of life.

Entrepreneurs, pay special attention to the intro of your type as well as the relationships and work sections. It is obvious to jump over to the careers section, but do not overlook the information about you as an individual. You will use this information to get super clear on who you are as well as who you are not.

TIP 1. To get really useful information for your business framework, make categories on your paper or create several information cards across the top of your TRELLO board such as: Preferences; Boundaries; Energy; Strengths; Weaknesses; Best jobs/services for your type; Best way to build relationships/network. Make note if you are more extroverted or introverted. Make note if you are more suited for often being alone to work or if you are better as part of a team, if not leading a team (ex. outsourcing; building a work team of freelancers; employees).

Tip 2. Write out your personal journey story and bullet point past achievements. Free write this information and brag about what you have achieved so you can reflect on where you have naturally thrived in your past. This information can be used to cross reference with your personality results. Does it sound familiar according to your personality archetype? Can you make connections between what you have done the last 3 years to what your results say about how you best thrive? Jot down some connections on a category of your TRELLO board or in your notebook.

TIP 3. Create a new resume (template) style document via CANVA or google docs. Use this space to make an organized 2–3 page summary of who you are according to these personal experiences and your personality assessment results. In the common resume template sections you can fill out your skills, educational experiences, and achievements. Where you are able to write down your contact information and name, I want you to put your business contact information as well as a business “title” that you resonate with beneath your name in smaller font. Use the blank pages after the first page of the template to write a summary of who you are as a business owner, what drives you, what you love spending your energy and time on, as well as how you hope to serve your clients and/or audience. This document as well as your chart (notebook or TRELLO) will serve as an important framework for running your business and making your website + social media platforms reflect your authenticity.

TIP 4. Pay attention to the skills and strengths sections to give your current business model an audit. Are you showing up as an entrepreneur in a way that compliments your personality? Are you marketing in a generic way or do you position yourself as an authentic authority within your industry? What ways do you MISS on showcasing your skills and strength? What ways can you improve this in what you share on social media and on your bio sections?

It is all fun and games to take quiz’s but we want to make sure that you actually make use of the information you discover. If you simply sign up for a free email service to deliver your results and monthly newsletter, all you are doing is clogging up your emails (and no one is a fan of 2,475 unread emails).

I want you to head over to these sites with drive and excitement to utilize the results towards building a more aligned business. If you really love journaling, organizing your thoughts and ideas, as well as mapping out your authentic busines model but you need some tools or guidance — you can check out what I do for my clients on my website. I create personal development and identity tools as well as offer 1:1 to go over all of this in depth with my clients.


Trello (free or subscription upgrade)


Advanced: Entrepreneurial Archetype quiz

Canva for designing/resume templates




ADHD Autistic Content Creator sharing relatable AF realizations | Neurodivergence | Trauma Healing | Mental Health

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ADHD Autistic Content Creator sharing relatable AF realizations | Neurodivergence | Trauma Healing | Mental Health

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